Allah has created Beauty for us to reflect about the Creator.
He has allowed us humans to search within ourselves to make Art and Designs that touch people's souls so that they can in turn marvel the Creator of such a wonderful Artist.


Pearly Ring

The grace and elegance of Pearls cannot be denied. A beautiful way to display one is to admire it in it's singular form. A ring provides this as a center setting. Pearls come in different colors but for rings the classics are the Black Pearl or the White Pearl. Pearls go well with any skin tone and are more eye catching than regular jeweled rings. The only downside I can see to a Pearl ring is it must get scratched or dirtied often and in need of cleaning. But to wear it now and then I'm sure would be wonderful. Pearls are one of the strangest made items that we wear as jewelry. Most jewels come from rocks but Pearls come from Oysters in the sea. A true gift from Allah.