Allah has created Beauty for us to reflect about the Creator.
He has allowed us humans to search within ourselves to make Art and Designs that touch people's souls so that they can in turn marvel the Creator of such a wonderful Artist.


My Recent Publication!

Proudly Presenting Brandy AZ Chase

Author, Designer, Poet, Artist

Recently published in two amazing Anthologies:


Poems: Woman’s Silent Tears, Pray On, Child’s Jannah

Many Poetic Voices, One Faith
Author: Islamic Writers Alliance
Pages: 118
Format: 6 x 9 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9819770-0-3
Reading Levels: Teen & Adult
List Price: $8.95 USD 33DHS

Book Description
Many Poetic Voices, One Faith is your window into the world of Islam through poetry! Come on in and find out what’s waiting here for you inside the attractive cover designed by talented IWA member artist, Nazaahah Amin. The award winning poems written by Karen English, Marwa Elnaggar, Camilla Sayf, Corey Habbas, Julinar Diab, and additional poems written by 31 IWA member poets are enlightening, entertaining, and rich in a diversity of topics: from a point-by-point description of a soul mate to a sonnet-ode dedicated to a loving and missed mother; from vivid reminders and poetic verse awakening us all to the evils of domestic violence to heart-wrenching reminiscences of the plight of the Muslim convert; from beautiful English renditions of the traditional and ancient Arabic ghazal to the plight of eighteenth century slaves; from a thought-provoking rendition of life from birth to the grave and beyond; from a thoughtful insight into the significance of a single raindrop, to a very moving and heart-warming dedication of life from a long-gone friend. All this and much more is waiting for you when you read the poetry of our IWA poets’ many voices and their one faith, Islam. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Short Stories: Pirate’s Peace, Real Meaning of Ramadan

Artistic Designs: Arizona Leaves, Awaiting Jummah, Feather Destiny, Forgotten Youth, Salam Waterfall, White Glory

Many Voices, One Faith II

- Islamic Fiction Stories
Pages: 236
Format: 6 x 9 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9819770-1-0
Reading Levels: Teen & Adult
List Price: $12.95 USD 48 DHS

Book Description
Today’s world is indeed a global village. The wonders of technology in communication and travel have cut through the distant miles which used to separate us from one another. Many Voices, One Faith II – Islamic Fiction Stories is a literary example of the small world we are all a part of, showcasing the talents of the Islamic Writers Alliance membership which reach around the globe in their respective residences and origins. From the cover design of one of the beautiful names of Allah, beautiful and original interior illustrations, and the unique story-telling talent of the authors, their original stories combine the diversity and flavor of their backgrounds. You will find almost every region of the world exemplified in these wonderful Islamic fiction stories which skillfully and creatively present the importance of Islam in our daily lives. Many Voices, One Faith II –Islamic Fiction Stories is an enjoyable, entertaining, and enlightening read for non-Muslims as well as Muslims. Many Voices, One Faith II –Islamic Fiction Stories is the ultimate in the variety of selections written by some of the best Islamic Fiction authors in today’s fiction book markets. Read. Enjoy. Benefit.





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The AUTHOR Islamic Writers Alliance (IWA) is United States (U.S.A.) based professional organization for Muslims involved in the literary arts -- published and aspiring authors, novelists, poets, essayists, publishers, editors, translators, illustrators, journalists, spoken word artists, bloggers, and playwrights.

The IWA's Goals:
1) To promote Alliance member's works to the public, both Muslim and non-Muslim, and to book distributors and retailers.
2) To support unpublished authors in their efforts to seek publication, and promote their works to Islamic publishers.
3) To promote reading and writing of creative Islamic fiction among Muslim children, the future authors of Islamic literature.
4) To make regular donations of quality Islamic books to Islamic schools and libraries.

Thank you for supporting me,

~Brandy Aminah-Zahira Chase


Cracked Wall

A pencil sketch I made in HighSchool. I'm sure if I re-did it it would turn out better detailed as I wanted a lattuce frame but I liked how the bushes and front plants turned out Masha'Allah. It feels lazy and rustic to me.

~Copyright 2001 (c) Brandy AZ Chase.  Ask permission before copying or using in any way.

Scattered Raindrops

Here is a piece of art I made back in HighSchool using Oil Pastels.  I would have prefered the red and blue background blend better together but it still turned out pretty nice.  The raindrops I decided should be going different direction to make it look more busy and confusing. Masha'Allah I love the way Oil Pastel colors are so brilliant.

~Copyright 2001 (c) Brandy AZ Chase.  Ask permission before copying or using in any way.


Fancy Red Gold White Jalabiya

Masha'Allah isn't this design jsut so elegant and classy. Talented Ange on Hegab-Rehab made this set. The shoes are just awesome with the dress. I might add a cloth style purse and a gold or white jewel to the red hijab. Thanks Ange for letting me feature this!


Shape of Raindrop

It is not perfectly round as it falls. Even a short distance it makes the classic raindrop look. Rounded bottom, pointy top. Reflecting the world inside. Can there be something so fascinating besides water and how it moves? It's the stuff poems are made of. I can hardly describe the feelings I get looking at this wondrous creation of Allah. La illaha illallah!


One of the most important things that we take for granted every day is our source of warmth and light. It also is a source of other things like gravity, seasons, etc... but it is there for us everyday and it will be until the end of time. Just imagine that close to the last day the sun will rise from the West. Can you imagine how fearful and awe inspiring that would be! Everytime I see the sun set I try to imagine how I would feel to see it rise up again from where it just set. Allahu Akbar! What I love about this picture above is that Sun Flair is so HUGE. Sometimes while going about our day we forget how HUGE and HOT that sun is. Those that live in Tropic regions feel it more but I think those that live in cold regions appreciate it more. To thaw the snow and their moods. Can you clearly see how easy EASY it would be for us to be crushed by the power of the sun yet every moment of every day Allah keeps it in check. How easy it is for Him too! One who worships the sun should think hard about Who keeps that sun in check.
Look even harder at that little earth. One human (you) is not even an ink dot on that picture.
Makes you appreciate the big picture doesn't it? The Sun, such Beauty.

Pearly Ring

The grace and elegance of Pearls cannot be denied. A beautiful way to display one is to admire it in it's singular form. A ring provides this as a center setting. Pearls come in different colors but for rings the classics are the Black Pearl or the White Pearl. Pearls go well with any skin tone and are more eye catching than regular jeweled rings. The only downside I can see to a Pearl ring is it must get scratched or dirtied often and in need of cleaning. But to wear it now and then I'm sure would be wonderful. Pearls are one of the strangest made items that we wear as jewelry. Most jewels come from rocks but Pearls come from Oysters in the sea. A true gift from Allah.

Blue Butterfly

Here are two pictures of my favorite color of Butterfly. Blue Morpho. The versatility of different patterns in remarkable! Look at these two beautiful examples. The first is set against red flowers naturally offsetting it's beauty. It has a large area of blue with those cute white spots just on the upper edge. The second is from Scotland and has an amazing array of blues. Light blue to turquoise blue and dark blue on the inner wing. White spots dot the entire length. The best part is the black lines striping it so perfectly. Unlike the first one which looks more veiny this one looks like it was painted on by hand. Straight even rows. SubhanAllah!


Red, White, Grey Room

I could look at this room all day. I could LIVE in this room all day! Which is why I chose it as the top of my Blog Photo and the first thing to admire!
Isn't that triangular shelf interesting! I'd put a red triangle candle on the top.
What is with the magazine on the floor though? I don't like that part of it.
I'd also place something red on that back right table. Perhaps a thin tall red vase with large white flowers.


Allah has created Beauty for us to reflect about the Creator.
I would like to post a few things now and then that I find beautiful because Allah allowed it to be created.