Allah has created Beauty for us to reflect about the Creator.
He has allowed us humans to search within ourselves to make Art and Designs that touch people's souls so that they can in turn marvel the Creator of such a wonderful Artist.


Fancy Red Gold White Jalabiya

Masha'Allah isn't this design jsut so elegant and classy. Talented Ange on Hegab-Rehab made this set. The shoes are just awesome with the dress. I might add a cloth style purse and a gold or white jewel to the red hijab. Thanks Ange for letting me feature this!


Lisa said...

I hope you get it sweetie! This is the perfect color scheme for you. Those shoes are risque, but I just love them! Love you so.

Faith in Writing said...

This is so lovely!! Fit for a Queen.

Mama Kalila said...

That is gorgeous!